Cori worked with me at IU Health. The staff asked that I do an illustration depicting these qualities. It started as a hand drawn outline and scanned into Photoshop where the illustration was finished. Cintiqs are nice for this.

This was the IU Health Learning Institute Learning and Development team in October 2017.  Staff head shots were combined with clipart and composed in Photoshop. (I'm the back center pumpkin in this patch).

A silly warm-up drawing. In Adobe Photoshop.

If you had a choice of  your first bed, which would you choose? 

Made this illustration of one of the IU Health LifeLine helicopters for a series of games we produced to teach users about updates made to the EMR software used in the system. Users were able to "fly" it around the screen in order to earn points by navigating to new items and also trying to avoid the wrong places to use. Illustrated in Adobe Animate.

I few years back I was asked if I would do live illustration from submitted ideas. I was able to do this for about 3 years before leaving IU Health. Colored marker on foam core.

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