Sometimes we all need a little downtime, but if it is in the workplace due to inefficiencies then downtime is bad and can prevent work from being completed, clients from being serviced or worse. This is an illustration of an acronym that spells downtime. It was part of a web-based learning module on the Lean process. 

Those heading up a new leader development program needed a strategy visualized. This was completed in Adobe Illustrator.   

The Indiana University Learning Institute, where I spent seven years, wanted a graphic that would help identify them. A brand mark. Working with HR leadership, this is the result. It actually combined two separate ideas. This was built in Adobe Illustrator.

HR needed a handout that showed the process for hiring candidates. It was detailed. I discussed the challenge with them and suggested that they only needed to show the touch points between HR and the hiring manager. I much more slimmed down roadmap emerged. Initial concept made with Adobe Photoshop and final artwork created in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat.

Team Impact wanted a logo for their new business. This is one of about 5 different designs proposed. Their focus is on people so what I liked about this version was the  "T" and "i" creating a person with their arms straight out. Ultimately they went with something they created. Made in Adobe Illustrator.

Luca Pizza started delivering and asked me to develop a variation of their logo to be printed on their boxes. This artwork graced their larger boxes for the better part of two years. I crafted this in Adobe Illustrator. 

Sometimes you just gotta play in the snow. What better way to celebrate winter than by keeping your snoman good and solid by throwing snowballs at dragons that try to melt them to the ground? The game engine and the opening card scene were built by teammates. I created the game graphics in Adobe Flash. Alas you need Flash to play it. Those of you not on mobile have fun!

Composite image made in Photoshop

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