Bits and pieces from the portfolio of David Oldham. Examples include traditional 2D and 3D animation for web, video and game graphics as well as motion graphics.

Background music, "Vivid" provided by Polrock.

This is a fun 1 minute animation to promote Grote Industries Radius LED delivery truck light. Worked with the Digital Marketing Director. Produced in Flash, AfterEffects.

Stick figure animation illustrating the biblical way of conflict resolution.
Made in Flash and produced for ICORVI. 5:18 run time in SD.

These pieces were used in an orientation video for physicians. Stick figures were requested because they are generic. We just had time to squeeze it in...glad it was simple figures! Worked with another animator who animated the hand and made the backgrounds.

Eli is a web host guiding the visitor through the website navigation and services provided. He coughs, hops and spins.

These animated illustrations were created as a part of a training video addressing Domestic Violence.

Concept animation for a web-based training module. Circumstances caused me to veer in a different direction. Created in Adobe Animator.

This animation was used in a video explaining the dangers of blood clots. Made in Adobe Animate.

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